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‘Spaxels’ Drones Create Light Paintings In The Sky (Video)

Tue, 09.30.14 at 11:15am

Ever thought about painting the sky with vivid lights?

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen

Creative Reflections: 15 Magnificent Artworks Made with Mirrors

Mon, 09.29.14 at 2:15pm

There’s something about a mirror that makes you want to look at it, whether it is because of the way it reflects light, creating a shine that catches your eye, or simply because you want to check yourself out

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The History of 20 Years of Chocolate Skateboards – Video

Fri, 09.26.14 at 2:36pm

Chocolate Skateboards turned 20 this year and to celebrate, they jumped into the archives to put together a traveling art show that features the brand’s greatest board graphics and much more. The 20th anniversary art show recently made its way


The Rarest Comic Books of All Time

Fri, 09.26.14 at 1:35pm

There’s something about a good comic book that can take you to another place.


Shell V-Power LEGO Collection

Wed, 09.24.14 at 4:02pm

Collectors, and those that just like to turn into big kids every now and then, will really appreciate this Shell V Power LEGO collection.

Art NYC Places
Kevin Lyons

Interview: Kevin Lyons Talks About Curating Green Label Gallery Brooklyn

Tue, 09.23.14 at 12:21pm

Green Label Gallery made its way to Brooklyn for the Dew Tour and we got a chance to talk to the installation’s curator, Kevin Lyons.

Art Style

Nike Sneakerball Sculpture

Tue, 09.23.14 at 11:45am

Nike traveled out to Palacio Cibeles, Madrid for its annual Sneakerball event last week, and artist Shane Griffin’s commissioned sculpture was the star of the show.

Action Art NYC Places

Graffiti Artist VIZIE Designs Toyota’s Prize Pack at the Dew Tour Brooklyn

Tue, 09.23.14 at 10:38am

At the Dew Tour’s recent stop in Brooklyn, NYC-based graffiti artist VIZIE was commissioned by Toyota to add his artistic touch to parts of the skate street course and a Toyota that was a feature of the street style course.

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Wes Humpston x Stussy Fall 2014 Collection

Sat, 09.20.14 at 1:30pm

When he’s not somewhere being an artist, skater or Lord of Dogtown, Wes Humpston can be found helping Stussy out with a dope Fall 2014 capsule collection.

Art Style

Todd Bratrud x The Hundreds Collection

Wed, 09.17.14 at 1:04pm

The Hundreds is no stranger to doing dope collabs with talented artists — as we’ve seen before with their James Jean collection — so it’s no surprise that artist and illustrator Todd Bratrud would get hip to the game.


10 Street Artists You Need To Know (But Probably Haven’t Heard Of)

Wed, 09.17.14 at 12:00pm

By now, there are few people who haven’t heard of Banksy, the enigmatic street artist who seems to be nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

Art NYC Places

The 5 Coolest Pieces of Street Art in Brooklyn Right Now

Tue, 09.16.14 at 7:32pm

After its success in Amsterdam, Green Label Gallery will be heading to Brooklyn, where it will showcase an exhibit of work by various artists curated by Kevin Lyons, and will coincide with the Dew Tour’s first-ever stop in New York

Art Gaming
Streets of Rage Comic

12 Video Game-Based Comics Every Gamer Should Read

Sun, 09.14.14 at 12:42pm

When it comes to video games, we can all agree what works best for one medium, never really translates well into another. The track record for big screen gaming adaptations pretty much screams in loud volume, but when discussing the


Giant Rabbit Sculpture by Florentijn Hofman in Taiwan

Sun, 09.14.14 at 12:29pm

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman strikes again with another giant sculpture, this time in Taiwan. Created for the Taoyuan Land Art Festival, the enormous installation of a stuffed rabbit is titled “Moon Rabbit,” and was made with wood, styrofoam and paper.

Amanda McCavour

10 Amazing Artists Who Use Thread as Their Medium

Sat, 09.13.14 at 11:25am

We can all agree that thread is a pretty important part of our lives when it’s woven together. It makes the clothes on our backs and covers the furniture we have in our homes. People have also been using thread