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House of Marley “The Get Together”: AllDayEveryDay (Video)

Wed, 07.23.14 at 12:50pm

New York City dance culture is taken very seriously, whether it’s above the streets or underground in the subway station.

Kanye West's Donda

Hip-Hop’s Most Creative Side Projects

Fri, 07.18.14 at 12:05pm

Hip Hop artists are renowned for their creativity, so it’s no surprise that they often venture into other territory.


2014 MTV Video Music Awards Nominees Revealed

Fri, 07.18.14 at 11:14am

The time has come for the annual MTV Video Music Awards, and the 2014 nominees are no surprise if you’ve been keeping an ear to the radio for the past year.

James Brown - Funky Drummer

Sounds Familiar: A Review Of the Most Sampled Songs Ever

Thu, 07.17.14 at 12:12pm

Have you ever heard a song and had deja vu? It’s probably because it’s been sampled about a million times.

Rick Rubin

A Look at Hip-Hop’s 15 Most Influential Producers From the Past Decade

Wed, 07.16.14 at 12:04pm

While rhymes do indeed matter, it is the beat that helps keep most interested in a hip-hop song.


7 Professional DJs Share Tips on How to Make It As a DJ

Tue, 07.15.14 at 12:18pm

There’s more to rocking a crowd than just playing what works on the radio. It takes style, extensive music knowledge, and a serious passion for making the music flow together perfectly

Houston Places Sound

Vote Now For Your Favorite Nominees At The 2014 Houston Press Music Awards

Mon, 07.14.14 at 1:00pm

Houston musicians have been putting out quality music all year long, and the 2014 Houston Press Music Awards will be honoring a few of those hitmakers.

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House Of Marley – The Get Together

Mon, 07.14.14 at 1:00am

The House of Marley celebrates that spirit of sound with the launch of The Get Together campaign, featuring the portable Get Together audio system. Directed by Wonford St. James and produced by Exposure, the House of Marley video, uses the


A Ranking of Music’s Greatest One-Hit Wonders

Sun, 07.13.14 at 12:02pm

Any successful pop artist will tell you that gaining their first number one hit was a landmark moment.

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“No Regrets” Trailer Featuring Joey Bada$$

Fri, 07.11.14 at 1:54pm

We are proud to present the trailer for our first short film “No Regrets”. Starring Joey BadA$$, directed by Rik Cordero and scored by Statik Selecta, the film takes a futuristic, time- traveling approach to tell a story about how

Houston Places Sound

Lineup Announced For Inaugural “Whatever Music Festival” In Houston

Fri, 07.11.14 at 1:44pm

It looks like Free Press Summer Fest wasn’t the only music festival going down in Houston this year.


The 15 Dopest Hip-Hop Remixes of All Time

Fri, 07.11.14 at 12:12pm

Diddy once famously claimed to have invented the hip-hop remix, and while that’s not exactly true, hip-hop has had a love affair with revisiting certain tracks.


10 Rad Bands That Are Keeping Punk Alive

Thu, 07.10.14 at 2:30pm

Ever since its inception in mid-‘70s basements and garages, punk has been reinvented by each generation.


30 Years of Def Jam: The Label’s 10 Most Notable Albums

Wed, 07.09.14 at 2:09pm

Perhaps the most iconic record label in all of hip-hop has been Def Jam. Started by Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons, in 30 years, the brand has become synonymous with hip-hop stardom.


Diggin’ in the Crates: A Look at the World’s Most Valuable Vinyl

Wed, 07.09.14 at 12:08pm

Major labels largely stopped releasing vinyl in the ‘80s, and for the next two decades, turntables seemed destined to gather dust in attics across America.